Why do nice guys finish last?

Girl: Bakit wala kang GF?
Me: Ayoko pa e. Choice ko yun.
G: Bading ka noh?
M: Kiss kita gusto mo?
G: Wooh!!! Bakit nga?
M: Secret. Basta ayoko pa.
G: Ang Nice naman, but you know what? Nice guys finish last.

nice guy race

Then it hit me..

Ever since I can remember I’ve heard the saying “Good guys finish last”. I’m sure every guy (or girl) has felt that way at some point or another. But… do good guys REALLY finish last?

Anong sagot? Tanong ko rin yan eh. Eto kasi ang madalas na nangyayari satin ngayon:

Guy likes girl, treats girl like a queen, does everything and anything he knows how to do to make her happy, but in the end, she chooses a ‘loser’ who ‘treats her like crap’ and doesn’t make her NEARLY as happy as he could. Clearly in this instance the good guy has finished last!

Teka, tama ba to??

Napaisip ako dun ah. Dahil ba mas pinili nung guy magpaka tino at mas pinili ni girl yung isang “hindi masyadong matino” ibig sabihin ba nun agad the nice guy is the loser?

When asked what a woman wants in a man, they will usually say something like, “I just want a nice guy …someone who cares and who listens” but those SAME women will then do the OPPOSITE and date a bad boy, a jerk…or a guy who doesn’t treat her well.


I can hear it now, “Gelo you’re generalizing!”

Yes I am.

Listen, these generalizations begin somewhere, don’t they? There are true generalizations and there are false generalizations. This one happens to be mostly true. Easy.

The real question is: Why is being “nice” synonymous to being “soft” or a “door mat?” How did that one start? What’s even more ridiculous is that so many guys are conditioned to believe the mythology – so they perpetrate the myth themselves by acting in that bad boy way because so many women are attracted to the cocky, loudmouth rather than the humble, confident dude.

Now Ladies listen, wag kayong magtaka kung balang araw maubos na yung mga nice guys at kahit anong hanap gawin niyo (yes kahit sa friendzone niyo) eh wala na kayong makikita.


Because most guys are always going to do the things that they believe are attractive to women.

The quote below put it best.

“Men like nice cars because women like men…
Who drive nice cars.”
– Dave Chappelle


Ngayon balik tayo dun sa tanong:

So do good guys really finish last?

Well, I’m here to tell you in this and plenty other instances the good guy hasn’t finished last.

I’m speaking from my personal experience, and that of my close friends.

So the good guy didn’t get the ‘hot’ girl he was chasing down for weeks or months. She chose somebody else. Well, good guys let me tell you, you haven’t finished last. If she were the girl for you, you would have gotten her. It’s far more likely that if you HAD gotten that girl, you would end up realizing that you really don’t work well in a relationship with her.

It’s happened to me and happened to my friends as well. After trying and not getting the ‘hot girl’, you take time and step back. You really look at her without the rose tinted glasses on and you realize that there’s no way in HELL you would have worked with her. Things you overlooked when you were trying to get her, you suddenly pick up on and things you had realized, but let slide anyway, you realize there’s no way you could deal with them long term.

Like what I have said before – Sometimes it’s their problem, not yours… Let me share a response from a woman when I asked why she chose a jerk over a nice guy.

“Most girls, including me, fall for the jerks for one simple reason, we have been hurt so many times… that when a guy that is sweet, has a sense of humor, and loves us for who we are, comes along… we run. We are afraid and in turn we end up with the jerk. If someone could knock some sense into us… that would be wonderful.” – Punchick1022

So, she is hot today, you’ve spent MONTHS trying to get her, but you end up in the ‘friendzone’ (don’t act like you don’t know what it is. See my blog about it). To add insult to injury while you were trying to be the best person possible to her, she picked up a ‘not so good guy’. You feel you’ve ‘finished last’.

No, wrong, you haven’t finished last! 80% of time the girl who is hot today WILL NOT be hot tomorrow. She’ll rely on her good looks and feel that she’s hot now and she’ll be hot forever. She’ll neglect to work out, drink too much alcohol, eat Burger King and KFC everyday and drink too much coffee/soda. She’ll party too much and sleep too little. In a few months, or maybe years, all this will show. Trust me guys, had you gotten her, the exact same thing would have happened while you were with her.

oh ayan ha, pinalakas ko na loob mo! Malamang madami ng babaeng galit sakin after mabasa ang blog na to.

Loko lang, 🙂 what I want you to realize is instead of focusing on her, focus on YOU. Make yourself the best person you can be. Read, work out, start a business, further your education, be ambitious and keep doing all the things that make you a ‘good guy’. I guarantee you’ll feel WAY better and you’ll start to realize, so what if you didn’t get THAT girl despite honestly trying to be the best person you could be to her. You either already are, or will soon be the total package. If a woman doesn’t realize that, then clearly she isn’t the one for you and you’re better off without her.

Listen bro, YOU haven’t finished last.



2 thoughts on “Why do nice guys finish last?

  1. i so agree. i had been in a relationship with a guy for years, thought he was the ‘good guy’ pero it turned out he was doing all these bad things behind my back. Good guys, listen, there are still some who are not looking for jerks, hot girls attract a boy but a real reserved woman attracts a confident, dependable man. Before finding the right woman, be the right person first. Believe me, looks fade. It’s always what’s in the heart that matters. Hope we all see our God’s given partner. 🙂

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