Bakit ka nabasted at paano ka makakaganti? :)


Basted ka na naman…

Unfortunately, despite all the shrill female demands for “equal rights”, the burden of asking for a date or a relationship per se still sits squarely on the shoulders of the male. It still remains the guy’s responsibility to risk getting his ego smashed if he wants to interact with the opposite sex.

And here you are again, blaming the world for being cruel, asking God why someone as handsome as you was rejected once again by another insecure girl who just wanted to add you to her collection of admirers.

You might be saying to her, “It’s okay, I respect your decision”, or “If you’re happy, then I’m happy” But I know you’re just lying. Deep inside, you’re muttering “tang*na bakit ba ayaw mo sakin?” or better yet “Gaddemmit, may araw ka rin!!!”. Whether you admit it or not, you are thinking of how much time and effort – not to mention the money – you’ve wasted on her while you were still her manliligaw!

Pero okay lang yan parekoi, you can always get back at her. But first we need to understand the reason why women reject us.

There can be myriad of reasons, and not all of them have to be your fault (although some guys do tend to screw up at this department). Ready? Let’s take a look at few of them.

1.The usual jerk/bad boy/player approach did not work. You are just using false compassion, where you feign interest in order to add another notch to your bed post. This is not making a lot of sense, if you are in your right mind you should already be aware that this kind of stint won’t work to most of the girls (women at their right mind that is).

In fact, if you attempt to use a routine from your vaunted repertoire to most single girls, you will face swift rebuke.

2.She’s a bitch. Contemporary society is awash in rude, self-centered, man-hating Sex and the City clones who care only about themselves and have absolutely no conscience regarding men’s feelings (or feelings of other women, for that matter). Their attitude is: I have a million-dollar price tag and any man is going to bow and scrape and pay dearly to gain access to it. These are the women who will try to emasculate you when you ask them out ( if you don’t have something they can sexploit), who get off on making men squirm, and who flagrantly abuse their sexual power.

3.You don’t have the GOODS. Since money is the number 1 factor a woman considers when choosing men to date, if you don’t have it or you don’t look like you have it, then you’re just not going to be on the top of their list. Until we refuse to pay for female attention, women are going to keep getting away with this kind of sex-tortion.

4.She’s taken. Since it’s too easy for a woman to get sex (all she has to do is ask), she may simply be off the market. She may have a lover, a steady boyfriend or a husband. If these women are nice, they’ll be upfront about their situation; if they’re professional ball-busters, they’ll manipulate you without mercy. So it’s always best to do your homework of getting to know her a little bit before asking her out. This way you save yourself from a lot of humiliation and embarrassment.

5.She’s a player. In other word’s she’s a serial flirter. A lot of married women or women with low self-esteem fall into this category – they constantly need to be assured that they’re still attractive to men, and so will ooze up to any guy who comes close to get his reaction. They have no interest in dating you – just in getting turned you on and then walking away. Sucks right? This is another abuse of female sexual power over men.
6.She’s a psycho. A lot of women out there have chosen “Bad boys” or have, for psychological reasons, been involved in disastrous relationships and blame men for all the problems of their own making. Some of them have dropped out of the dating pool altogether or have been repeatedly abandoned by men because of their chaotic behavior. They will reject you just because you’re one of “them”.

7.You have The Wrong Moves. If you “Hey, baby” her while sneaking an unctuous arm around her shoulders, leer at her or keep calling her when she’s clearly not interested, then you’re just a creepy pest and you’ll have as much of a chance of sleeping with her as a eunuch does.

8.It’s Bad Timing. If a woman turned you down, chances are you may have run head-on into some bizarre phase of her monthly cycle, in which all men are bad, or she may be feeling unattractive, or any of a thousand other hormones based reactions to the dating world. You could run into her a couple of days from now and get a complete green light.

9.She’s been hurt. Anytime you hear “I’m taking a break from dating” or “I need some time to get my life together” when you ask a woman out, it usually means that she’s just come out of a bad relationship and is not yet interested on jumping to a new one. With this sort of damaged woman, it’s best to aim for friendship or wait a while for her to straighten herself out before trying again.

10.She’s just not attracted to you. Simple as that. It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s best to pick up the pieces and move on.

So there you are, these are the sample of reasons why women will reject you. Some things you can change (your own behavior) and some things you can’t (hers). Even though it’s very hard not to take it personally, the best advice is to chalk it up to experience, learn from it and keep swinging for the fences.

But, yes I know, I can hear you.

Rejection sucks.

And sexual rejection by woman hurts – it’s almost impossible not to feel like a failure as man when a woman rejects you down.

To make things worse, your insensitive friends unintentionally undermine your grief by saying “Okay lang yan, madami pang iba dyan!” Ignore them and listen to my therapeutic words instead:”Okay lang yan, you can always get back at her anyway!”.

**Insert Evil Laugh here**

People say “Success is the best revenge.” I think that’s a load of b*llshit. To me, revenge is the best revenge!

But remember, before you carry out your scheme of vengeance, make sure you’re not hurting too much to the point of losing your mind. And then afterwards, we can begin plotting for world domination. Okay, Bud?


1.Get filthy rich. Once you’re a millionaire, show her you’re happy with your life. Don’t forget to take photos of your new car and condo unit, upload these photos and make sure they’re set to public, just so the bitch knows what she’s missing

2.Get a makeover. It’s time to show her the hottie buried underneath the hideousness of yesteryears. And for the love of God, please stop practicing “Gwiyomi” and start hitting the gym instead! One day when she sees your six pack abs and says, “Let’s have a coffee sometime”, you can say, “It’s too late, sucker!”

3.Be the cool guy you always wanted to be. Being cool is something you can learn overtime. But if being Jologs or Jeje is in your genes, find a mentor who can teach you how to be cool. There’s always someone out there.

4.Don’t reply to her messages, ever. Some women have this stupid notion that texting or contacting a guy once rejected is a sign of goodwill. They think that saying “how are you?” will take away the sting of their “Sorry, but I don’t like you!” So when a girl who turned you down starts texting you once again, you have the every right to be suplado. She hurt you before and it’s time you made her feel guilty about it. Or you can just reply “Okay lang, bakit ka tumataba?” or “Bakit mukhang paa yang boyfriend mo?”


Again, these are just my opinions. You always have the freewill to do anything. It’s always a matter of choice. Just remember all the pros and cons when doing a hard one.

2 thoughts on “Bakit ka nabasted at paano ka makakaganti? :)

  1. Aww I’m sorry you’ve been rejected! Whenever I reject a guy, I ALWAYS claim I have a boyfriend, even if it’s not true! It’s the perfect excuse lol.

  2. Revenge is just a waste of time. Lalo muh lang sasaktan ang sarili muh, after all, hindi ka magiging masaya. Hindi kc lahat ng gusto muh makukuha muh, pero kung para sau, ibibigay sau. There’s a reason for everything, eventually, in God’s time, malalaman muh din. Baka sa sobrang pag-aabala muh sa paghihiganti na yan, may isang tao n pala na nagmamahal sau, hindi muh lang napapansin… Spice up ur life pareng Gelo… Don’t waste ur time sa taong kahit minsan hindi pinahalagahan ang nararamdaman muh… Double deads ka nyan… hehe… 😉 Simple lang ang buhay, don’t make it complicated. Kung ayaw muh, wag muh… hihihi… nice day!!!

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