Why women love Bad boys?

It’s a mystery to some, a puzzle for many. What is it with bad boys that women swoon over?

I used to wonder about that a lot since most women I know end up with guys harboring the Johnny Depp look and the Charlie Sheen persona . They’re the type of guys who takes them for granted, hurt them verbally or emotionally, yell at them or use them. But no matter how many times they get crushed by these kinds of men they still can’t get enough of these guys. They would then wonder where all the good guys have gone. “Oh they’re there; we just don’t see them because we placed them in the Friendzone”. They longingly wish for a prince charming to sweep them off their feet but the reality is when Mr. Nice comes along, they put them off and go chasing after the Bad Boy. Is there any logical or even scientifical explanation to this?


According to Livescience.com, “Women choose bad boys because their hormones make them, new research suggests. When ovulating a woman’s hormones influence who she sees as good potential fathers, and they specifically pick sexier men over obviously more dependable men.” Which is supported by Psychologytoday.com, based on Daniel Kruger “Women intuitively get attracted to brave acts of altruism more than to altruism per se,”

Women also love the chase, the excitement of going after the guy who ignores them and makes them work extra hard to get their attention. And just like they said, we always want what we can’t have. They hold so much mystery that women can’t figure out what’s going on in their heads. It drives women crazy figuring out why these bad boys are not as loco about them as they should be.


And then there’s this desire in every women to try to change a bad boy and turn them into what they want them to be, maybe hoping that they could turn this irresponsible man into a dependable father figure, which is likely to happen.But in the end, women should realize that no matter what they do bad boys will be bad boys.


9 thoughts on “Why women love Bad boys?

  1. It’s true…I hate to admit it, but yes, it is in fact true.

    I was dithering about whether I was attracted to a ‘nice’ guy I know, and upon finding out a couple of bits about his past, where he wasn’t always so ‘nice’ – found myself more attracted to him…He genuinely is a nice guy now – which is why I’m friends with him and like him as a person in the first place, but the fact that he had been a bit of an arse in the past made me see him differently.

    Don’t get me wrong, I certainly am not attracted to complete dickheads and never have been, but a slight streak in their personality with a bit of douchbaggery is irritatingly attractive. Yes – it’s stupid, I know!

    1. Hi goodywink!!! Based on what you said, you are falling for a great guy. It’s a conscious act to fall for both his good and bad side. Falling for a complete douche is a different story. Thanks for reading my post!

  2. I think you’re making the assumption that bad boys tend to be better looking. (Actually not you…but the livescience quote you referred to.) In my experience, sometimes what happens is a girl goes after a good looking guy…only to find out that he is not a nice person to date. In the same vein, a girl might turn down a nice guy simply because she isn’t attracted to him. The girl could also have very bad self-esteem problems – people like this tend to stay in abusive relationships. Most of the long-term couples I know consist of nice individuals. The abusive relationships rarely last long.

    1. Great opinion, thanks Emma!!! A lot of women out there have chosen “Bad boys” or have, for psychological reasons, been involved in disastrous relationships and blame men for all the problems of their own making. Some of them have dropped out of the dating pool altogether or have been repeatedly abandoned by men because of their chaotic behavior. Maybe this is the type of woman you are pertaining to. But I’m not generalizing. Again, thanks for your opinion! 🙂

      1. You’re welcome! Yeah there are some girls out there who go looking for trouble. Their reason for doing so completely eludes me. It seems like you know a lot of girls who do. I don’t know their exact circumstances, but I know that it is hard for people to get out of abusive relationships.

        Personally, I like guys with a bit of the naughty streak (particularly in terms of bedroom antics) but not douchebags.

  3. Nice Gelo.. Half Meant true.. it’s not about personality alone, sometimes aura may also varies on their perspective.. Once you fall, you don’t care anymore on the outside world.. you only care about yourself and your feelings.. Love is BLIND.. simple as that!

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