A cup of coffee

It was a typical morning. You woke up, late as usual, the sun already near its zenith, its rays streaming through half-open blinds, the day as hot and as humid as it can be. You forgot to turn off the TV last night. A Discovery channel host was talking about whales, his voice a deep, monotonous drone.

You stood up, your head slightly aching from oversleeping, your thoughts still a blur, your knees, wobbly and unsure. You staggered to the door of your bedroom, and headed to the living room for a bite. You were hungry. Your stomach was growling in angry, desperate need. What your brain still failed to register, your limbs automatically addressed: You needed sustenance.

You stumbled onto your living room and saw your phone light up with new text message. It is from someone you have recently reconnected with.

“You up?Coffee later? After work? Don’t worry it’s decaf.”


“Done with the reports you’re supposed to finish today?”


“Not in the mood to do anything..”

He didn’t respond, maybe he knows what’s going on. That you still don’t give a sh*t about anything else. Just as you poured that hot water to a cup filled with powdered coffee.

You remembered him. Right at that moment when the spoon, filled with steaming brown liquid , hit your lips. Rather, or more accurately, You realized You forgot about him first, and then only remembered him.
What a shock. After weeks upon weeks of moping, of listening to sad, lonely, love songs, of waking up to the deep, precious pain a girl getting over her true love can manage to inflict on herself, You woke up to a morning where he wasn’t the first thing on your mind. And outside of the overpowering relief, You realized how funny it was that moving on would come at a moment so utterly, absolutely mundane. While at a table, sipping coffee for breakfast and/or lunch, your hair a mess. How unimaginative. How cute. How anticlimactic.
And still, You felt happy, and finished your coffee in unanticipated felicity. Though lacking in theatrics (perhaps a lightning bolt or two in the background would have been nice), You exulted in the unadulterated joy of knowing that you have finally, completely moved on.

Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.

~David MustaineĀ 

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