I’ve been taking stock of my life lately, and as what usually happens when I go through this process, a slight sadness has settled into my routine. Nothing major, only the after-effect of my directionless existentialist musings. I’ve been looking at the things I find important right now, and I weigh them from different perspectives. … More Irony


I sit alone in a coffee shop, eating my way through a warm cinnamon bun with cream cheese frosting dripping along its top. I watch the steam rising from my macchiatto, my eyes passing over the sweet caramel crisscrossing the foamy milk froth layered on top of the espresso. My mind is taken over by … More Loneliness


One day you’re going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance. She won’t even notice you because she’s busy laughing at the stupid jokes he make. And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realizing that you’re not the reason. And then it will finally … More Always

Hello, Stranger.

J. It is still clear to me, everything that happened 3 months ago. February 20. Bonifacio Global City. Strange. Ego deserted me and I muddle about for sober words to explain this sudden, awakened fondness. I go about my hectic day distracted, trying to locate a proper drawer in which to confine this incomprehensible stirring. … More Hello, Stranger.

The issue of informal settlers from the kolehiyala’s point of view

Have you ever watched the news? I try not to cause it’s so depressing but sometimes I see it, and It’s in these squatter areas where crimes usually happen- drugs, rape (usually it’s dads raping their 6-year-old daughters. Yuuuuck!!! Kill me now!!!), theft, robbery, and stuff. And then they steal their kuryente and cable. Have you seen them on cameras? Tattoos, fake Lebron jerseys and caps, yellow teeth, and skin that looks like the leather you’d buy at 168. Come on. I mean, if they’re gonna do drugs, coke na lang ’no, not naman shabu! Have some dignity naman, guys. … More The issue of informal settlers from the kolehiyala’s point of view


(4 days ago) It was midnight, and we were eating Chinese food in a restaurant at QC. I was treating you because I just asked you for a favor and you, very graciously, obliged. Perhaps it was the late hour, but we were speaking in an almost whisper. “I just feel lost and,” you said. … More Discrepancies

Ang mas malala sa pinaka malalang feeling sa Earth

“Alam mo kung ano ang worst feeling na pwedeng maramdaman ng isang tao?” Natauhan ako bigla nung narinig ko ang tanong niya. May kasama nga pala ko. Masyado kasi akong nalibang sa basketball game na pinapanood ko sa flat screen TV na nasa harap namin. Bigla kong naalala kung nasaan kami. Sa isang bar sa … More Ang mas malala sa pinaka malalang feeling sa Earth